Dusty Street is my real name!

I started out in San Francisco underground FM radio in 1969 when there were limitless possibilities as to where this art form could take you. We were truly creators of a “theatre of the mind” that took you on wild and exciting musical adventures. Our shows were created out of our love and knowledge of the music and reflected our desire to educate as well as entertain the listeners.

Radio has always been my greatest love and like all insane acts I keep doing the same thing over and over( trying to have input into the music my station is playing) hoping for different results( like not getting fired for it). I have become the "radio host" for SiriusXM 26 broadcasting from the R&R Hall of Fame on Sat and Sun noon to 6pm. I also have a podcast that reflects how I think good radio should be. Like most people my tastes are varied and cross many decades, you'll hear a large assortment of new and old music from Alternative to the Blues. It's called Flylow Show on www.flyingeyeradionetwork.com just click on podcast archive or the Flylow sticker on this site.

For those not familiar with my work, I’ve been the voice on the radio on “Married with Children” and the announcer for National Airlines, The Discovery Channel and many local and national commercials in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

If you’re an old fan, new friend or someone who would like to hire a most unique voice-over talent, click on my email address and we shall communicate.


Dusty Street

Dusty and Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills and Dusty